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Welcome to Family History Directory. All the links and resources are organised into locations, which is intended to make them easier to find and browse. All locations and resources are categorised alphabetically.

About Family History Directory

In 2010 my first daughter was born, and before that event I had no interest in family history at all.

But after the birth, it suddenly hit me that my kids would never get to meet my parents as they had both died years before.

Researching and documenting my family tree was the next best thing. So at the end of 2010 I started enthusiastically.

I soon found a lot of information online (I was abroad at the time), but after a while I had a huge collection of websites, links and resources to choose from that I started losing track.

As I’m a web designer by trade, I thought it would be easier to start a little web page where I could keep all the links in one place. I started Family History Directory in March 2011. Not long after I decided to start putting the links and resources in categories and regions.

So quite by accident this website was born. Over the years I’ve kept up my research and this site and I still add links almost daily.

I hope you find this resource helpful in your genealogy journey.