Family History Magazines

  • Family Tree Magazine 🇬🇧
    A popular monthly magazine from the UK which is packed with useful articles, advice, interviews, competitions and much more. There is also a regular old photo dating feature about how to date old photographs.
  • Who Do You Think You Are? 🇬🇧
    A popular monthly family history magazine from the BBC. Packed with useful tips and information for genealogists and family historians.
  • Family Tree Magazine 🇺🇸
    A family history magazine from the United States full of useful information, offers and research tips.
  • Discover Your Ancestors 🇬🇧
    A print and digital publication. There is an annual print version and a monthly periodical which are both great reads if you’re interested in family history, genealogy and social history. Both magazines are packed full of stories, case studies, social history articles and research advice, this regular and affordable service is a must have for anyone starting out in family history research, or for those with more experience but who have reached brick walls. Expert guidance and inspiration around historic themes merge to create an informative and educational guide through your journey of research.
  • Irish Roots Magazine 🇮🇪
    Aims to empower its readers to trace and embrace their Irish ancestry. It’s a powerful resource tool for all those interested in tracing their elusive Irish ancestors.  There is something for everyone in the publication from helpful tips to in depth informative articles on how to access and explore the many different research resources available, interviews, letters, news updates, readers success stories and much much more. It’s published in March, June, September and December.
  • Traces Magazine 🇦🇺
    the only quarterly printed magazine, also available in digital format, dedicated to providing its readers with insight into the latest historical research, news and heritage projects taking place around Australia. The expert voices of historians, researchers, heritage professionals, genealogists, and journalists uncover the fascinating characters and stories of our past.