Oxfordshire Family History

If your ancestors came from Oxfordshire, you can use these family history, genealogy and local history records to trace them.


BMDs & Parish Records

  • England BMDs
  • FreeBMD
  • Oxfordshire Archdeacon’s Marriage Bonds
    Gives the name of the bride and groom, their parish, and the name of a bondsman, who was often a relative. Once in a while it gave other information such as age of couple, or permission to be married from the parents for someone who was underage. The index was alphabetised by grooms names for each year.
    There are over 20,000 marriage bonds in the index available to download in PDF format.
  • Oxfordshire Parish Records

Burials & Cemeteries

Census Records

  • Census 1841-1921
    Search the census records from 1841-1921, plus the 1939 Register all at once.
  • FreeCen
    Has a good, but not complete, selection of free records to search and view.

Criminals and Convicts

Electoral Registers



Historical Directories

Local History


Military Records

Newspaper Archives



Photos and Postcards

Schools and Education

Societies and Groups

  • Oxfordshire Family History Society
    Do you have ancestors in Oxfordshire? The OFHS has many resources for anyone researching genealogy in Oxfordshire. The online resources available include memorial inscriptions, will transcriptions and an Oxfordshire surname interests list.
    The society also holds regular meetings and help desks. A membership option is available plus they have a research centre in Oxford.


  • Oxfordshire Surname Interest List
    The Oxfordshire Surname Interest List is aimed at family historians and genealogists who are researching names in the English county of Oxfordshire.
    You can search for names and get results about the timeframe, place and how to contact the researcher. You can also add your own surname interests.
  • Oxfordshire Surnames 1881


Wills and Probate