Glamorgan Family History

Find your Glamorgan ancestors and relatives with this list of family history, genealogy and local history records and resources online.


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Census Records

  • Census 1841-1921
    Search more than 7,200,000 census and 1939 register records for the county of Glamorgan. The register is the closet thing to a census, and the most recent available.
  • FreeCen
    Has a good, but not complete, selection of free census records.

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About Glamorganshire

This county, bounded on the south and west by the Bristol Channel, on the east by Monmouthshire, and on the north by Brecknockshire and Carmarthenshire, has an extreme length from east to west of 53 miles, and an extreme breadth from the shore to the interior of 27 miles.

Its superficial measurement is estimated at about 792 square miles. It is the third in size of the counties of Wales, being exceeded by Carmarthenshire and Montgomeryshire; but taking into account its subterranean and surface productions, it far exceeds in actual value any other county in Wales, and perhaps any other region of equal size in Great Britain.

The population of this county under the last five censuses has shown a ratio of increase far surpassing that of any other county in the United Kingdom, and offers to the moralist, the political economist, and politician, a problem of the greatest interest.

The history and Antiquities of Glamorganshire and its Families by Thomas Nicholas


  • 1801 – 71,523
  • 1831 – 126,200
  • 1841 – 171,188
  • 1851 – 231,849
  • 1861 – 317,752
  • 1871 – 396,010
  • 1911 – 1,120,910

Most Common Surnames 1881

  1. Jones
  2. Davies
  3. Thomas
  4. Williams
  5. Evans