Merionethshire Family History

  • Merionethshire Baptisms
    Discover your Welsh ancestors who were baptised in Merionethshire. The records may reveal where and when your relative was baptised, and their parents’ names, which would allow you to delve further back into your family tree.
  • Merionethshire Marriages and Banns
    Discover your ancestors whose banns were read in Merionethshire, Wales, between 1754 and 1926 and who got married in Merionethshire between 1570 and 1928. The records may reveal your ancestor’s name, marital status, spouse’s name, and father’s name, as well as when and where your ancestor got married. You may even be able to find out if the marriage didn’t go ahead.
  • Merionethshire Burials
    Discover your ancestors who were buried in Merionethshire between 1568 and 1994. The records may reveal your relative’s birth year, death year, and burial place. Details such as names of your ancestor’s spouse or parents may help to fill in more branches of your family tree.
  • Annals of Merionethshire
    Contains the history and description of the county, the high sheriffs from 1284-1872 and old and extinct families.