Professional Genealogists

  • Anthony Adolph
    Have your family tree researched properly and clearly using original records in archives, by a properly-trained professional genealogist and genealogical writer with over 20 years’ experience.
    Whether you want your family tree traced as far back as possible, or want to learn more about particular ancestors; seek living relatives; look for aristocratic connections and coats of arms; understand your surname or study your origins using genetics and DNA, Anthony can help. No assignment is too great or small, or too obscure – it is through working on a wide variety of widely-varying cases for clients all over the world that he has amassed his expertise.
  • Professional Family History
    Professional Family History offers family tree packages & local research in Cambridgeshire, Essex & Suffolk to private clients and professional genealogists. Whether you are looking for someone to trace your family tree as an anniversary or birthday gift or, want to find out more about your family history but are lacking the time or expertise, Professional Family History has a Family Tree Package that can be customised to suit your requirements.
    For those who have been conducting their own research but have become well and truly stuck and would like some advice, or would just like a second opinion on what they have found so far, Karen offers bespoke family history research that can be tailored to your individual needs. Where research in Local Archives or Record Offices is required Karen specialises in the Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk area and offers research and advice in a number of subject areas.
  • Family Heritage Search
    A professional genealogist and family history researcher based in Telford, Shropshire, England with over 20 years of experience in tracing ancestors.